New Amateurs!

The following folks recently completed their Technician training and passed their test in April 2019!

KN4TWL  Jenny Scruggs

KN4TWM  Ken Berry

KN4UKK  Anthony Lackey

Amateur upgrades!

The following folks recently upgraded their license class in April 2019!

KK4KSN  James Clay, Jr - Extra

KK4GHP  Tony Scruggs - General


Ham Radio Classes

The East Alabama Amateur Radio Club provides entry-level classes for people desiring to get their Technician license.

We do not have a set schedule for these classes and one is formed when we have enough students, usually 4-5, to start with.

General and Extra classes are also available on a demand basis.

For more information or questions, please send us a message using the Contact page.

Ham Education Links

Below are some links to help you learn about becoming a Ham or to help you upgrade your license class.




U.S. Navy NEETS Modules:


Ham Knowledge Downloads

Below are some files to help you understand Ham Radio or to further your knowledge of electronics theory, antenna theory, and general radio interest.